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Ever since jumpsuits reconquered fashion I've been a massive fan. The way they can be practical, comfortable AND elegant all at the same time is definitely a winning formula.

It also dramatically reduces agonizing over outfit combinations and is an instant TOTAL LOOK - letting you enjoy the real fun of getting dressed: accessorizing! 

To make it all even more personal, why not scour a vintage or secondhand shop? 

So to get you started, we've put a little "editor's pick" together from the highly addictive e-shop of Beyond Retro. P.S. Well worth a visit when in London or Stockholm!

1. Dynasty meets the office 
Get your most eye-catching accessories and sexy heels out to rock these styles, or simply play no. 1 and 2 down hipsteresquishly... 

2. Pastelerized: 
Spring is here and you're feeling a little romantic... don't panic, we completely understand! How about a pair of nice sandals, heeled or not, round hippy shades, sharing ice-cream in the park? Enough said... 

3. I know what you're going to do this summer...
You're trying to keep it cool but are a planner at heart, having compiled a mental summer wardrobe/shopping list weeks ago. 
Or you're just simply convinced that you'll love this suit just as much in -let's hope not too many months- as when you first laid your lovely eyes on it. Go for it, and look for a nice pair of Toms to complete your outfit - sorted!

All pictures courtesy of Beyond Retro

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