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Messenger bag Macbook 1

I've always had a special love for good quality suit fabrics, and figured that they'd make a potentially ideal upcycling victim!

The neat bag collection of Sew Much Style on Etsy, pretty much proves this point. Made from recycled suits, these elegant bags are the perfect companion for the consciously sartorial gent... 

Messenger bag Macbook 1

Siempre he tenido un amor especial por telas de trajes de buena calidad! Pensé que serian una víctima ideal para el un proyecto elegante de upcycling... 

La colección de bolsos de Sew Much Style en Etsy, lo confirman perfectamente! Todos hecho con telas recicladas de trajes, podrían ser el acompañante perfecto para el Gentlemen con una consciencia sartorial...

Messenger bag Macbook 1

interior Messenger bag Macbook 1


  1. Babe! Super cool blog!!! I just started following you on Bloglovin' :-).. I would appreciate it and would love it if you can follow back!



  2. Hi Noor!
    Thanks for the compliment and the same to you :o)
    Just started following you on Bloglovin' too & love your latest post!
    All the best,
    Sabina & Ana


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