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Having felt a little reluctant about joining Twitter at first, I finally saw it paying off last weekend, when I became "Twitter friends" with French illustrator ApollineR. The entire venture was suddenly totally worth my while! 

I've always loved illustrations, especially for fashion, so I instantly fell for the unfussy, yet very sweet way in which ApollineR captures the essence of an intriguing range of topics. 

As you've probably noticed, she's also very keen on exploring the world of ethical fashion! Be it through her art work or articles, such as smashing lists on how to shop ethically in Pariseco-friendly swap schemes or crafts. 

In any case, there are tones of other interesting topics, all treated with a subtle sense of humor and a lot of charm. 

As an expat myself, I particularly enjoyed reading ApollineR's posts about her settling into her new home in Malta. Many of her experiences rather remind me of my own...

Then there are other great posts, such as "Meditating with the rain", which made me almost laugh out loud, or "Equality before the washing-up", both of which literally illustrate common day-to-day issues everyone can easily relate to. 

So say no more, I don't want to spoil it all, go and explore ApollineR's  world for yourself and pick up some inspiration while you do so.

all pictures courtesy of ApollineR

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