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This post is the 1st part of our series Consciously Hitched, where we scour the web to find sixteen sustainable ideas for different types of weddings. 

As the post's title suggests, this first part is dedicated to vintage weddings, a personal favourite of ours! 

However, there's much more to come over the next few weeks - so watch this space...

We are very excited about our finds, especially ethical jeweller Brilliant Earth, and sustainable wedding designer Minna's e-boutiqe. 

There's also a great deal that you, or your helpers, can do yourselves, such as the doily lanterns, or the photo lined envelopes (thanks Martha Stewart)!

Having organized my own wedding only a year ago, I appreciate the amount of work and  madness involved. We therefore made sure that all the DIY ideas are easy to follow, and won't cause you any nervous breakdowns.

We also kept a close eye on the price tag, hence even bigger items such as the wedding gown, jewellery and decoration won't drive you into ruin.

Bridal wear designer Minna for example, offers some very reasonably priced wedding gowns, and guest outfits, as well as further discounts on additional items.

Last but not least, dear wedding-planning ladies (and gents, I hope), just remember: 

delegate, don't be perfect, enjoy 

Seriously, it's all over in less than twelve hours. So make your wedding day a memory full of happiness and joy, rather than stress and exhaustion!

So we wish you all the very best for your big day, and leave you with a summary of where and how you can find all the lovely items above.

1. Family photo-lined envelope tutorial via Martha Stewart 2. Organic silk wedding gown by Minna UK 3. Vintage lanterns for bridesmaids and best man (inspiration) 4. recycled heart confetti from Scrap Shoppe on Etsy 5. ethical wedding band from Brilliant Earth 6. Vintage embroidery and table wear Fab You Bliss 7. flower girl dress by Minna UK 8. Vintage books for guest tables from Love and Found on Etsy 9. Doilie lantern tutorial via Spirello 10. Handmade pompoms from eco-friendly tissue paper by Pomtree on Etsy 11. Vintage teacup light (inspiration) 12. Vintage keys & labels for guests (inspiration) 13. Handmade toddler suit made from natural linen by Graccia on Etsy 14. Family pictures in old bottles etc. (inspiration) 15. Engraved vintage cutlery engraved favours from Sycamore Hill on Etsy 16. Rented parachute (enquire locally).


black and white photos via rocknrollbride.com

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