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Denim and conscience are usually a bit of a contradiction, however, Nudie Jeans Co. from Gothenburg, Sweden brings it all together with their brilliant motto:


Beginning with BREAKing IN the jeans of your choice, both available in dry as well as washed denim, Nudie guides you through every phase of your jeans ownership. Be it 360  degree product views as part of their fit guide, or detailed washing guidelines.


Once your jeans are starting to show signs of too much love and wear,  you have the option of bringing them to one of Nudie's REPAIR shops in London, Stockholm or Gothenburg. Otherwise you can simply order a free Nudie REPAIR kit, if you aren't able to fix things yourself, or haven't got an expert at hand. 

This way you'll hopefully REUSE your lovely pair of jeans for many years to come until the two of you shall part. 

When the time is ripe to say goodbye, you can get a 20% discount on your next purchase if you donate your jeans back to a Nudie Jeans Co. store (in London, Stockholm or Gothenburg).

Your donation becomes then part of one of the brand's many exciting projects, such as the Selvage Lab, a vintage-ispired collection, the 
Denim Maniacs upcycling programme, run by a few enthusiastic fashion students. Or if all else fails, they'll be literally cut into pieces and made into one of Nudie's gorgeous denim rugs, or other recycling products.


As a member of the Textile Exchange, Nudie Jeans Co. produces all its cotton 100% organically, in accordance with the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, and is therefore GOTS certified.

You can also read all the latest reports Nudie has carried out in the factories they contract on their website. This is a requirement of the Fair Wear Foundation, of which the company is a member. Rest assured that everyone involved in the making of your jeans works in fair and safe conditions.


To give you a sneak peak of Nudie's smart and varied collection, P.S. There are now even some skinny jeans for the ladies (and gents), we have picked some of our personal favourites.


However, you really should visit Nudie's website to find out for yourself. Not only because of their great online shop, but also to read up on all the interesting information you can find there.


All that said, with Nudie jeans being sold all over the world, 80 points of sale in Spain alone, there are no more excuses of the "but I can't try them on", or "it's too complicated to buy them online" type! 


Meet Nudie jeans' co-founder JC at the HQ


all pictures courtesy of Nudie Jeans Co.

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