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Dad aka Michael, looking vaguely uncomfortable in Seville 1977

In case you've wondered, the gentleman on the left hand-side, ticking every hipster cliché box known to mankind, except for a beard - but check out the camera! - is none other than my Dad!

Although I'm not entirely sure who crashed whose holiday snap back in 1977 in sunny Seville, one thing's for sure, my Daddy used to be a hipster king!!!

...and Mum too! 

En caso de que os preguntáis, quien es el caballero a la izquierda, que cumple cada cliché hipster conocido, con excepción de una barba - ​​pero echa un vistazo a la cámara! - es mi papáaaaaaaaaaa! 

Aunque no estoy seguro de quien se metió en la foto de quien bajo del sol de Sevilla, una cosa es cierta, papá fue el rey de los hipsters!

watch interview with Brad Getty
and his Dad on YouTube.

Looking at these pictures at my parents' recently, I remembered the title above, plus its subsequent Tumblr page, which were  a massive hit not too long ago. Inspired by all that and copious amounts of Chianti, I suddenly imagined how much fun it'll be to "recreate" my parents' outfits.

Mum aka Beatrice, looking rad ca. 1969

Al descubrir estos fotos en la casa de mis padres hace poco, recordé el título arriba, y su página en Tumblr, que fueron un gran éxito hace un par de años.

Así inspirado y después de varias copas de Chianti, me imaginé lo divertido que seria "recrear" estos retro looks de mis padres.

Mum wearing an amazing 60s dress and
nude lipstick by the look of it
ts ts ts...

I immediately got down to work scouring all my favourite vintage online shops for similar pieces. 

Although it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped, not only in terms of finding the right pieces, but also getting my Mum's permission to post the pictures - I managed to convince her to use almost all of them except for a fantastic bikini/turban combo worn by her cousin (argh!)- but hey, you can't have it all!!! 

Inmediatamente me puse manos a la obra para buscar prendas parecidas en todas mis tiendas favoritas de online vintage!

Aunque no fue tan fácil como me lo esperaba, no sólo en términos de encontrar las prendas, sino también conseguir el permiso de mi madre para publicar los imágenes - al final me dejo usar casi todas, con excepción de una fantástica foto de su prima en un bikini y turban (grrrr!) - pero bueno, no se puede tener lo todo!!!

et voilà!

1. Mum aka Beatrice circa 1973, looking cool and slightly mysterious in her brand-new dress purchased in sunny Lugano (Switzerland)...

  Shift dress Beyond Retro

2. Michael, Crete 1978, having an Instagram moment with the locals - niiiice!

Glasses Bibby's Rocket / Tee John Lewis / Adidas Beyond Retro

3. Beatrice, Lake Lucerne 1976, very matchy matchy and recently engaged, she's smiles all over!

Denim shirt & Vest Beyond Retro / organic Breton shirt People Tree / necklace J Hen Sunshine / Burberry Mac Rokit

4. Michael, Seville 1977, could have done with a pair of cool sunnies, but never mind! I still can't believe I've actually found the exact same bag on ebay!!! 

Hotelplan travel bag Ricardo / belt Stag Hound Leather 
Levis Rokit shirt Rokitwool sweater Rokit

and finally... 
y finalmente...

Like my poncho?
Os gusta mi poncho?


  1. I like your Poncho!! and you look like your mother! could it be?

    Note: i will do a lot of question about eco fur...:S on next and appropiate post.


  2. Hi Elena!
    Thanks a lot & yes, I'm turning into my Mum as they say ;o) she told be that she stopped an entire bus full of tourists in Seville to buy this poncho off a road-side seller - madness! Anyway, interesting that you're mentioning fur! Looking at the W/A 2014/15 catwalks there seems to be a lot of it, both faux, as well as real fur, which I'm quite surprised about, and thought of investigating a bit more, so if you have any questions in particular, feel free to send them to consciouslyglam@gmail.com and I'll be happy to incl. them in my investigation for this autumn/winter :o)
    Love your blog by the way - very smart :o)
    All the best, Sabina xx


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