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Clémence sporting a comfy pair of leggings by Imps&Elfs

by Daniela Bovolenta 

Today I'd like to introduce you to Dutch brand Imps&Elfs.

Their collections are known for their modest and simple designs, making Imps&Elfs the epitome of understated cool!

All their clothes are made from 100% organic cotton and feel incredibly soft and last wash after wash... after wash!

My daughter Clèmence has been wearing this particular brand from when she was born, as I personally stand 100% by the brand's believes, and absolutely love their designs and quality as mentioned earlier.

Imps&Elfs work with Made-By, an award-winning European not-for-profit consultancy, which helps fashion and textile businesses to operate sustainably. So there's no 
child labour, or otherwise unfair work conditions involved, nor any practices that would harm the environment.

This just goes to show how a brand CAN actually do it all; looking great in an utmost sustainable way!

To see Imps&Elfs' complete collection visit their e-shop or one of their points of sale.

Hoy me gustaría presentaros la marca holandesa Imps&Elfs

Sus colecciones son conocidas por sus diseños modestos y sencillos, haciendo Imps&Elfs el epítome del buen estilo modesto!

Mi hija Clèmence ha estado usando prendas de esta marca en particular, desde que nació, ya me encantan su filosof'ia, sus diseños y la calidad de esta marca.

Imps&Elfs colaboran con Made-By, una consultoría europea sin afán de lucro, que ayuda a empresas de moda y textiles a operar de manera sostenible. De modo que todas las actividades de esas empresas no involucran condiciones de trabajo injusto, de menores, o de prácticas que dañarían el medio ambiente.

Esto simplemente muestra cómo una marca realmente puede hacerlo todo; tener un buen estilo y ser asimismo sostenible.

all pictures courtesy of Daniela Bovolenta

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