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2. The Sustainable BBQ Bible

Sadly, BBQ’s attract alpha males and know-it-alls alike quicker than light attracts mosquitoes. The excess of testosterone, expert knowledge and the occasional insect bite, are a potential minefield best avoided. Having recently investigated the subject of sustainable barbecuing, I came across “Where there’s Smoke”, which is simply FANTASTIQUE! Packed with REAL expert advice and tons of fun ideas on how to grill more “greenly”, this is the definitive sustainable BBQ bible to put any wannabe expert in his, or maybe even her, place!

2. The hostess (without) the mostest

Audrey? You wonder, what the heck has she got to do with barbecuing? Nothing really, other than her Golightlyness has taught us the most valuable lesson of all when it comes to hosting parties: no matter how badly organized and underprepared you are, if you wear a killer outfit - I’m thinking unusual vintage dresses here ladies - and possibly add a cigarette holder to the mix, people forgive you almost anything! And yes, that includes the law-enforcement eventually kicking everyone out… or did she, God forbid, actually plan that?!

All dresses by Peekaboo on ASOS Marketplace

3. The unbreakable BBQ dress code

All shirts by Old Saigon on ASOS Marketplace

Yes, you’ve guessed it; it’s none other than the Hawaiian shirt! But keep breathing gentlemen; they’re actually bang on trend for once! No need to stare at your mirror in horror, thinking that you’ve finally turned into your old man – probably more of a girls’ thing anyway. So let’s make the most of it and get our hands on one of these beauties by Old Saigon!

4. All good in the hood!

If unlike Audrey you don’t want the police to put an end to your little soirée, you may want to bribe your neighbours before it all kicks off. If they’re cool peeps, you could of course simply invite them. But be warned, there could be anything in store for you, from deep, dark secrets after a few rosés too many (disturbing at best), to receiving mind-blowingly boring data about septic tanks (yaaaaaaawn). So if, whoever lives across your fence, isn’t entirely suitable to join into the festivities, a nice box of chocolates are quite possibly a safer bet.

5. Just a little something I made earlier…

Now here’s a chance to show off your cooking skills! This super easy pasta salad recipe has been duly tried and tested, and proven to be a winner time and time again!

500 g small pasta, e.g. macaroni
1 yellow and 1 red pepper
A packet of Feta cheese
a basket of cherry tomatoes (halved)
2 ripe avocados
2 handfuls of green olives (pitted)
a handful of fresh basil (chopped)
extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar
salt and pepper

Boil the pasta with 1 tbsp of salt. In the meantime chop the peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocados, and olives into small pieces, place everything into a large mixing bowl and crumble the feta cheese over it.

Premix 6 tbsps of olive oil with 2 tbsps of vinegar. Once the pasta is ready add it quickly to the other ingredients and mix in the dressing. Season to your taste and add the chopped basil - et voilà!

6. Rocksteady baby!

It’s compulsory to “set the scene” with the right music, not only for the sake of your guests’ entertainment, but also in order to keep yourself reasonably tempered. You don’t want your inner BBQ Nazi to take over and ruin everything over a few spoilt burgers. Obviously, old classics are always a laugh, you could take a walk down Rocksteady memory lane with a YouTube playlist, or create your own - if you have the time and nerves that is! Let’s not overload ourselves with time-consuming projects here… (Remember Audrey!)

7. On being Lana without the drama

Flower crowns are definitely here to stay and I guess everyone generally agrees that’s a good thing. But let’s be clear about where they make you look special in an alluring, exotic, rather than an alarming way (local fishmonger – really???). A BBQ is definitely one of those occasions where you can have your Lana-del-Rey-moment without completely alienating your fellow barbecuers.

However, depending on their size, flower crowns can be rather dramatic (as seen above). So unless you’ve got the personality of Isabel Blow and aren’t prone to migraines, you might want to consider something “lighter”...

DIY flower crown tutorial by Duitang

8. Killer Heels

Let’s face it, there comes a point when you’re fed up with standing around for hours, heels or no heels, plus you’re possibly getting a little irritable - or is that just me? But let’s not get into a grump and follow this lovely braided rug tutorial by A Beautiful Mess instead! P.S. (singletons), this could also be a great way to get into conversation with the girl or guy of your dreams…

comfy platform shoes by Deux Souliers

9.  And no, for most of us it's still not Jamaica

rain overcoats Rokit

Despite all the tropical tunes that gave you that warm, fuzzy feeling earlier on, a plastic raincoat is a VERY good idea, perhaps not the most fashionable one in the world, but repeat, just a VERY good idea. Now we don’t want to put our carefully laboured Alexa-style eyeliner at risk, do we ladies? All that said, even a plastic raincoat can be a stylish fashion statement, if worn with the right attitude! If she can do it so can you!


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