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Back from London Fashion Week S/S 2015 and lots to tell! After an exciting few days full of discoveries, inspiring encounters and the occasional blister, I can't wait to share all my latest discoveries with you... 

P.S. Y en español en modasostenible.org


As part of the Somerset House showrooms, Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci (From Somewhere/Reclaim to Wear), organize Estethica, showcasing established as well as emerging designers known for both their innovation and commitment to sustainability.

Christopher Raeburn

    Having bought a beautiful dark navy dress by Christopher Raeburn the day before at 69 B, I couldn't wait to see his S/S 2015 collection Ascent. Inspired by air travel, he cleverly mixes different sustainably-sourced materials, with smart urban tailoring and unusual prints, such as meteorological maps, making it the ideal wardrobe choice for the sophisticated urbanite with a conscience. 

Louise de Testa 

Talking about urban chic, French designer Louise de Testa (2nd Redress EcoChic Award winner 2013), captures her audience's attention with her latest collection Run to the Sun, featuring geometrical zero-waste patterns, fresh-looking colours and above all smart comfort all made in France - a girl after my heart! Find out more about Louise's work in this interview.




 Flavia la Rocca

        An exciting sustainable fashion trend was brought to Estethica by Italian designer Flavia la Rocca, cork! Looking at her range it seems that there's almost no limit to the use of this versatile material, be it entire coats, backpacks or tops, it's all there in its elegant, laid-back glory - Italian style!

Termite Eyewear

Wood-frame glasses have become quite a long-lasting trend! However, they can look a bit bland at times. Not the fully recycled sunnies of Termite Eyewear London though - no Sir! Unlike their conservative cousins, these smart sunnies come in all sorts of cool shades and shapes, giving wooden eyewear a much-needed makeover. How about a pair to brighten up grey autumn days? No need to wait till S/S 2015...

Wool And The Gang

Yep, it's that time of year again, S/S 2015 or not, all you're yearning for is cozy knitwear! But perhaps you're looking for something with a bit more edge than the usual contenders? This is where Wool and the Gang come in! Fancy getting a sustainable knitting kit to make your own "say my name" beanie starring your first initial? Or perhaps have "the Gang" knit you "a beastly boys" beanie? There are lots of options and tons of funky designs to choose from!

Ecoluxe London

Organized by Elena Garcia (Sew Last Season) and Stamo-Elizabeth Ampatielos (by Stamo), founders of British online magazine Ecoluxe London, this event is dedicated to sustainable luxury, and a MUST for all artisan work aficionados!

Marita Huurinainen

Described as "a truly unique and revolutionary design" by British Vogue, Marita Huurinainen's WAVE concept modernizes a longstanding Finnish wood-bending technique thanks to their elegant feminine design. An original alternative to other summer shoes made from natural materials!

Le Konsphin

Founded by Spanish designer Viviana Lopes, Le Konsphin's sustainable leather accessories are made from A-Z in Portugal (read more here about the company's sustainability policies), except for the beautiful ribbon and fabric details, which are the work of the Vietnamese Red Dao women tribe, supporting their livelihood. Soft and elegantly minimalist, these accessories will make great companions both for work and play. 

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pictures from #LFW this Wednesday!

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