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the semazen (dervish) embraces all humanity with love"

In the mist of the latest terrorist attacks in Paris, an avalanche of different sentiments have flooded the media and social networks, ranging from shock, sadness and despair to, unfortunately, intolerance and hatred as well. The latter two being particularly worrying for what is to come in the aftermath of these disturbing events. 

Although a blog about sustainable fashion might not be the place for political topics that aren't related to sustainability. But on this occasion I'd like to make an exception by sharing a few articles  Here are a few articles which might will hopefully give some counterweight to the countless Islamophobic material which is currently in circulation...

AsSalaam alaikum 
(Peace and mercy be upon you)

"French unity against terrorism may not last 
far beyond Paris march." 
The Guardian

Evening Standard, London

The Guardian

GOOD online magazine

Russell Brand



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