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It used to be around this time of the year when I felt hyper annoyed and frustrated with myself. Why? I'd once again totally blown my budget in the sales, so i.e. I couldn't afford what really mattered to me, like visiting my brother in France, to give you an example. And what did I have to show for it? A few bags full of pointless bargains, which were already crying out for new companions, since each and every one of them was a total mismatch! Arrrgh...

To lift my spirits I'd free my wardrobe from everything that didn't make me feel like a billion dollars - almost everything in my wardrobe - and gave it away to friends or charity. On completion of this noble act of misguided generosity, I felt better for... I'd say, approximately three days, until the "wardrobe void" became unbearable... after all, it's hard to become a minimalist over night when you've been maximalising for decades. 

So I swiftly rushed out to restock my wardrobe again, convincing myself that this time I'd curate the perfect wardrobe and wouldn't... W-w-w-wait, what? Awww! A pale blue poncho? Woooooooow... Not my colour... M-a-y-b-e for summer? when I'm more tanned??? Only 19.99?! It's got nothing to do with the minimalist wardrobe I was planning on... Special occasions? That's it! Duh?! Self-conviction box ticked and bing bang bought! Back on the hamster wheel again, tirelessly snapping up the latest haute street crapture before it was gone, gone forever, fallen into the OUT OF STOCK abyssssssssss from where it was never to reappear again...

...until about a weak later, struggling around a street corner in the rain waving my 1.99 H&M umbrella around like a mad frog, there it was again! Worn by a petite blonde, giving me that awkward "Am I guilty or you? Maybe this is fun or just plain tragic?" kind of smile, at the sight of me wearing her poncho's not-so-long lost cousin, only in a far less flattering way.

I'm not sure whether it was boredom or mental exhaustion that made me pull the plug or perhaps both. However, one thing became very clear to me... none of this had anything to do anymore with what I truly loved about fashion: its creative expression. 

Luckily, frustration is often a great driving force behind change and so I eventually quit the hamster wheel that is fast fashion and embarked instead on a much more exciting journey to discover slow fashion. This led me to quit shopping for 6 months, fall back in love with my wardrobe, stay away from the high street, learn all I could about sustainable fashion, and eventually start this blog. I reckon all of this has made me much more satisfied, I have finally put my love for fashion to good use, killed the demons and become suspiciously blasé about shopping.

And so what's it all about with #DetoxWithDrSlow? It's basically a fun 12-month shopping/fast fashion detox programme where I'd like to share some of the more useful things I've learned over the past few years. Hopefully it'll help you to finally detox from all the nasties, such as impulse buying, shopping cravings, wardrobe hatred and the likes. Each month we'll be tackling one of those monsters, thanks to the support of experts from in and outside the fashion world. And in order to make it all "stick", there will be a monthly hands-on task for you to try out - yep, en casa! We suggest you get your friends to sign up too, as most of the tasks are much more fun together, plus you'll keep each other honest!

For extra support, there'll be our monthly Ask Dr. Slow column, where you can clear up your doubts and get further advice on each monster, sorry topic. But most of all, we'd like you to share your progress, insights and opinions through comments and pictures either here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the #DetoxWithDrSlow hashtag. 

Intrigued? Then why don't you give it a try and subscribe below in order to receive an email alert once the post for the topic of the month and the latest Ask Dr. Slow column is out! 

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  1. I love this! Let's make 2015 the most sustainable year yet, where we buy less and style more! The constant hunt for new clothing is what's killing this planet. But that doesn't mean we can't be awsomely fashionable. Check my blog runawayranveig.com for inspiration to reuse, restyle and rethink! <3

  2. I Love this idea and definitely looking forward to hearing more of #Detoxwithdrslow and having a go at the tasks.


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