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Have you ever gone down your own style memory lane to figure out who inspired you to dress the way you do? Well, I have done so recently and eventually created the collage above, which kind of made me understand my own sense of style a little better. There are the inevitable 90s' movers and shakers plus a few "curious cases" which I'll explain shortly.

It's obviously been quite a laugh doing this, I suddenly remembered lots of things I had completely forgotten about. I've also made a surprise discovery and I'm currently even toying with the idea of going back to a Winona Ryder Reality Bites style haircut...

P.S. Encuentra la versión española en el directorio de Slow Fashion Spain aquí.

1) Empress Elisabeth of Austria - it was mainly the hair I'd have to say, I was about five when my grandmother first showed me the picture above, I was an immediate fan of "Sissi's" impossible dresses and elaborate hairstyles. Sadly, I can't say the same about Karl Lagerfeld's recent adaptation for Chanel, feat. Cara Delevingne and Pharell Williams... I think what stuck with me from this first "fashion crush", is a great fascination for costume design. 

2) Beverly Hills 90210's Brenda Walsh aka Shannen Doherty, she was the only brunette on the show, so I had no other choice than pick her. That aside, Brenda seemed to have integrity, and a very hot-looking bro and boyfriend - triple whammy!!! It was also around that time I took up having a fringe again, my Mum's preferred hairstyle for me when I was a child. Plus, there was plenty of goth-type inspired makeup going on, which I soon embraced wholeheartedly as it evolved into a major trend! The best part of it: It's all coming back again!

3) Linda Evangelista, I simply adored her chic short hair! Conclusion so far: It's been a lot about hair, something I don't really care so much about these days, but I guess you do when you're younger - perhaps because it's a way to carve out your own style? I started cutting my then quite long hair one night in an attempt to have a Linda bob. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that my Mum had gone out and couldn't help me cut my hair at the back... so I had to get my Dad involved, which was real torcher for both of us! However, the result was surprisingly good. 

4) Winona Ryder, I basically wanted to BE HER, I admired everything she did, from her clothes, her acting, the films she was in and the boyfriends she dated - above all Johnny Depp. With her subtle bohemian style, Ryder's probably the person who most influenced my personal style. Sadly, I'm not petite like her, reason why I never managed to quite obtain her neatness and elegance...

5) Lauryn Hill, as a huge hip hop fan in my earlier days, I loved the fact that there was suddenly this really talented, stylish girl getting a lot of respect in what is still a super duper macho scene. Inspired by her funny rasta hairstyle, I went to the only Caribbean hairdresser in town asking for a replication of Lauryn's hair. A friendly Jamaican lady looked at me in disbelief and explained concerned "I can't do that with white hair, girl." which probably wasn't quite true, but honestly for the best given how thin my hair is.

6) Bianca Jagger, when she didn't ride horses to parties, she definitely wore suits like few other people. I know there was Marlene and Twiggy and so on, but for me nobody wore a white suit in that rock n'roll way Bianca did. She became one of my style icons while I was getting severely hocked on vintage clothing in my mid twenties. Thanks to this I came to appreciate the importance of well fitted clothes and the art of good tailoring!

7) Charlotte Gainsbourg, as the daughter of two of the coolest people ever in existence, she perfectly embodies unfussy Parisian style at its best. Charlotte never seems to try to hard and doesn't seem to feel the need to look amazing all the time. At least in my books she's the ideal role model for young modern womanhood, even if you're not a fan of her latest work.

8) Italian fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia somehow always struck me as a more polished/fashionable reincarnation of Frida Kahlo. I love the way she wears her show-stopping outfits in such a natural and elegant way, never forgetting to add a portion of humour to the mix! I love to be as daring as she is when it comes to getting dresses, but who knows? Maybe it's just a question of time...

So, dear readers, who are your style icons and how have they influenced you? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear all about it!

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