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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our 1st edition of "Ask Dr. Slow", we are off to an interesting start with queries regarding topics such as shoe customizing, colour combinations, jewellery storage and making the most of old work uniforms.

It has been very exciting for us to explore all of this for you and we hope that it will be of help for our other readers too.

So let's see what Dr. Slow has in store for you in this edition...

1. Bow heels bmodish.com / 2. Tassel sandal heels Honestly WTF / 3. Feathered heels A pair and a spare / 
4. Rope heels VOGUE Australia / 5. Collage Vans A Beautiful Mess /  
6. Heart loafers Fashionsy.com

Dear Dr. Slow!
I'm a little bored of my "party shoes" and wondered 
whether you could give me any useful tips on how to 
customize them?
Thank you!
Ana, La Coruña

Dear Ana,
Thank you for your question, it has been quite interesting researching it! There are lots of fun ways in which you can bring your old heels back alive again! Above are a few ideas I've found on Pinterest, as you can see most of them involve some kind of embellishment that's added with e.g. a hair or ear clip (see pic. 2), or spray-painting (see pic. 6). The possibilities are nearly infinite and could turn almost any old pair of heels into a show-stopping statement piece!

Hello Dr. Slow!

As I'm a medical professional (which means wearing a uniform every day), I was wondering if you have any tips or ideas about what I could do with my old and used work clothing? I have been thinking about this for some time now and obviously they cannot be handed down to someone I know, neither passing  them on to a vintage store.

Any ideas at all?

Thank you so much.
Dani, London

Hello Dani!
Many thanks for your question, which is a very interesting one! I guess it depends a bit on the state of your uniforms, if most of their fabric is still in good condition and you might feel a little adventurous, how about getting advice from a sewing-savvy friend on how you could customize them? I'm often amazed at how people "in the know" can completely transform old garments by changing their shape, dying them, or adding extra embellishments. Also, medical uniforms are usually made from highly absorbent fabrics, so if you have children, perhaps they could easily be "downsized" to make some overalls for "messy jobs".

Otherwise you could donate them for fabric recycling, I'd recommend TRAID, visit their website to find their closest donation bank to your home or even book a pick up for your donation. They're also having a few interesting events coming up in connection with their #secondhandfirst pledge which you might be interested in.

The last resort maybe to cut them into cleaning clothes, since they're very absorbent, they would be ideal for that and probably last for a long time too!

Hi Dr. Slow!
How can you mix colors in your looks?
Sonia, Madrid

Hi Sonia!
Thanks for asking, I'm sure other readers are curious about this too! First of all, it's obviously very important to know what colours suit you personally. If you haven't done a colour analysis before, you might find these two videos by image consultant Mimi Ikonn quite helpful: 

part I via youTube + part II

When it comes to mixing colors you might want to have a look at this colour chart on AllDayChic.com
In order to know how to wear/combine specific colours according to seasonal trends, I'd recommend none other than British TV All-Stars Trinny and Susannah (see also their YouTube channel). 

Last but not least, you might like the Wear Color Tumblr page for a little bit of inspiration!

Hey Dr. Slow!
I'd like to use some of my summer dresses in the winter as well, have you got any styling tips?
   Maria, Santiago

Hey Maria, 
Absolutely! I personally reckon summer dresses can add a playful touch to a winter outfit. Obviously, some summer dresses are more suitable than others, but I reckon lace, dark floral and even some maxi-dresses can easily be worn in colder weather if combined with the right layers. You could wear your dresses with a nice thick winter coat, a cool biker jacket or a chunky wool scarf, plus there's always the possibility of cheating a little bit by wearing e.g. a thermal top underneath it all, depending on how cold it is where you live!

Dear Dr. Slow
I was wondering whether you had any jewellery display tips?
Thanks you very much!
Bea, Zurich

Dear Bea,
There are lots of original ways in which you can store/display your jewellery, there are a few ideas/DIY inspirations above. 
However, it's important to store valuable items in a proper jewellery box in order to avoid any damages.
I personally also like transparent boxes, made of e.g. glass, as it's easy to locate your jewellery, as well as having the added benefit of keeping dust etc. away.

Dr. Slow will be back next month, so if you have any questions or doubts, simply email us to: 


and we will be happy to help you!


  1. Ahh good old Pinterest! You can find some amazing idea on there. I love those shoes on the bottom row in the middle, gorgeous! I had a big wardrobe sort-out after I got back from my holiday and took a few old bits to charity shop and re-organised it all so I know where everything is now. And found some clothes I forgot I had so now it seems like I've bought some new bits, but I actually havent! :D

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