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Hi Everyone! 

Welcome back to "Ask Dr. Slow", we're excited to answer your latest questions 
in this 2nd edition, ranging from recycling old tights to fighting moths! A big THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the participants of this edition and we hope both you and everyone else will find our suggestions and advice useful!

P.S. La versión en español se puede encontrar en modasostenible.com

Dear Dr. Slow,
My questions are:
1) When do you know its time to get rid of a coat?
2) What to do with old tights?
3) How to revive plain black bags that have been super overused?

Inés, Berlin

Dear Inés,
In answer to your first question I reckon, if the outer material is worn out or damaged to the point of no return, i.e. through dry-cleaning, removing fuzz balls (see my last post), the addition of original patches as in the pictures above, or an overhaul as shown in the following video by Fashionrolla, then it’s probably time to say goodbye and donate it to a textile bank.

via YouTube

Now, what can we do with old tights? There's this fantastic guide by Yumi Sakugawa called "18 awesome ways to reuse old pantyhose", otherwise you could also turn them into a tassel garland of course!

As for your old bags, in terms of repairing them, you could probably do something similar to what I did with my white leather brogues, as in this brilliant post by Franish), i.e. touch up worn parts with a black recolour kit. If we're talking about "a bigger job", you might be better off getting some advice from a good leather repair service. In any case, there are obviously also other creative ways in which you can give your old bags a new lease...

1) Marble bag by Verily Mag / 2) Fold-over clutch by you & mie / 
3) Fringed clutch AP&AS.  

Solange - Queen of prints!

Hi Dr. Slow!
Any tricks to avoid mistakes when mixing prints?
Cristina, Tenerife

Hello Cristina!
Good question! Judging by recent fashion trends, it seems that everything goes, however, it's clear that that's not for everyone, so if you're on the lookout for some guidance, I recommend the following YouTube video by Chriselle Lim:

Here are also some great posts for basic rules:

Hello Dr. Slow,
Do you have tips on how to use a scarf
 as a belt in an elegant way?
Cécile, Malta

Hi Cécile,
A perfect spring/summer question! I've had a little look around and above are some of my favourite examples, hopefully they match what you had in mind. There's also this very chic DIY tutorial below, which I found on Sew Grown - let's see what you think!

via Sew Grown

Hi Dr. Slow!
My family and I have got lots of old jeans that are beyond use,
 any tips on how to recycle them?
Jen, Bath

Hi Jen,
I've recently come across this fantastic post on Serger Pepper Design "Repurposing Old Jeans: 40+ ideas  and tutorials" which I'm sure will be of help. It includes all kinds of original repurposing ideas for both kids and adults. Hope you'll have fun with it and of course we'd love to hear how you got on.

Dear Dr. Slow,
We've got a lot of moths in our house,
what can I do to keep them out of my wardrobe?
Astrid, Hamburg

Dear Astrid,
I guess it depends on how severe it is, I kind of have the same problem at home and normally use lavender scented sachets or even just a bar of lavender soap which works quite well. I've also found this really lovely DIY tutorial by Jane Avion below, which includes more specific ingredients to fight moths. Hope this helps!  

If you've got a question or doubt, 
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We'd love to hear from you!


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  2. Hey Guys, I came across your blog via bloglovin, and yes, i am lovin your blog. It is so inspiring and helps me to be more conscious about my consume habits. I have a challenge going on, 365 Days only in secondhand clothing and - if you allow - will share some of your cool advice with my readers. Please take a minute to stop by my blog www.DailyRewind.de, I write in German, but the pics don't need language knowledge. I present daily my outfits, that I get from thriftshops, flea markets and goodwillstores. Can't wait to hear from you. Cheers, Hindi www.DailyRewind.de

  3. Hey Hindia!
    Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear you find our blog useful :) We really love your challenge too and have just shared one of your outfit posts with our followers on Facebook! As for sharing some of our advice with your readers, that'll be great, let us know what you've had in mind and we'll be happy to discuss it, you can reach us through consciouslyglam@gmail.com. Take care & all the best :)
    Your Consciously Sartorial Team


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