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Following our last #DetoxWithDrSlow No. 4: "Busting 4 Ethical Fashion Myths (hopefully)" we have received some pretty interesting questions from you in response. As always it's been great to hear from you and so some research in order to help you as best as we can. So here we go, should you have any further doubts, feel free to leave us a comment or email consciouslyglam@gmail.com.

P.S. La version en espanol se puede encontrar en modasostenible.org

Hi Dr. Slow!
I'm interested in eco-friendly laundry detergents, do you know where I could find some?
Eva, San Sebastian 

Hi Eva!
I reckon the best thing would be to go to a shop/supermarket that specializes in eco-friendly products and see what local/nationally-produced products they have or even make your own. Have a look at Ecototal.com to find out how to make homemade laundry detergents and learn more about the impact and what to look out for when buying eco-friendly detergents. 
Personally, I've been using various products from Ecover over the past few years, which is the most widely available brand. Apart from having great eco-credentials, being cruelty free, it's also has a nice subtle scent. 
In addition to that, I hardly ever wash over 40 degrees, since it's neither necessary nor very good for your clothes. I also don't tumble dry and keep ironing to a minimum.
Hope this answers your question :)

Dear Dr. Slow,

I'm trying to find eco-friendly trainers for myself and my girlfriend that are stylish too. Can you give me any tips, please?
Matthias, Vienna

Dear Matthias,
Definitely! My two favourites are French/Brazilian brand Veja, you can read more about their production and ethical policies in our past post here and on their website
My other favourite is Dutch brand Oat Shoes, which make biodegradable trainers and accessories, which is a pretty exciting concept - find out more from this video.

Dear Dr. Slow,

I'm looking for information about sustainable fashion for children.
Thank you!
Carmen, Huelva

Dear Carmen,
Certainly, it's a topic that more and more people are getting interested in these days. First and foremost there's a Greenpeace study on the subject which you can read here
As for Spanish blogs, I'd recommend the following blogs which are dedicated to/feature sustainable childrenswear:

- enconsonancia.wordpress.com by Vicky Ferrer 
+ here on modasostenible.org 
- B by White (brand & blog)
- Ab-Origines (blog & brand) 
Bichobichejo.com (Blog & brand)
- Wikimums.com (Swap)

Hello Dr. Slow!

Are there any companies that make sustainable tights?
Elena, Palma de Mallorca 

Hello Elena!
Yes, there are indeed, one brand that is getting very popular at the moment is Swedish Stockings, which makes tights from 100% recycled yarn. Their range isn't huge, but pretty much includes all the classics you need. You can check their website for retailers.

Hi Dr. Slow,

I was wondering whether there were any good magazines about vegan fashion?
Luisa, Bonn

Dear Luisa,
I've recently discovered the fantastic German vegan & green lifestyle magazine Nouveaux thanks to a friends of mine. I love the website which looks very promising. However, I haven't read the actual magazine myself yet. You can find a detailed review on the Vegan Foodnerd in Germanwhich will hopefully give you a better idea of what it's all about!
Furthermore, there's the American Moomah Magazine which is more about food etc. However, they've also got some features on clothes if you like a little bit of rustic country chic!

See you soon for #DetoxWithDrSlow No. 5, which includes a pretty interesting interview - stay tuned!

All the best!


Dr. Slow Team

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