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image by Toni Frissell

It's taken a while, but here it finally is: our 2015 swimwear edit, featuring our favourites for this summer! 
Admittedly it's not that easy to find sustainable swimwear in Europe, especially here in Spain it's been quite a challenge... ...hence we've included some brands that produce locally, but not entirely sustainably. 
 In any case, we'd like to encourage you once more to shop as close to home as possible, which is why this post features a variety of brands from different countries.
Furthermore, we have added a brief "fact-sheet" to every picture for easy reference, including links to the brands' websites, partners etc. for more information.
We hope you'll find our edit useful and wish you a happy summer!

Hemos tardado un poco, pero aquí esta por fin: nuestra edición de trajes de baño para 2015, con nuestros favoritos para este verano!
Es cierto que no era tan fácil encontrar trajes de baño sostenibles en Europa, sobre todo el mercado español ha sido un reto... por lo cual, hemos incluido algunas marcas que producen a nivel local, pero no del todo sostenible.
  En cualquier caso, nos gustaría animaros una vez más a elegir las marcas más cercanas a vosotros, por lo que este post ofrece una variedad de marcas de diferentes países.
Además, hemos añadido una "descripción" breve para cada marca como  referencia fácil, incluyendo enlaces a las webs de las marcas, sus socios, etc. dónde se puede obtener más información.
Esperamos que esta edición os parece útil ¡y os deseamos un verano feliz!


Buy above from: Molly Brown Swimwear
+ brand: Vitamin A, California
Made in: California
Material: EcoLux™ - a fine matte jersey made 
with recycled nylon fiber (US).

Underprotection (Denmark)

Brand: Underprotection, Copenhagen
Made by: Fashion Forte, New Dehli, India (supervised 
by the Fair Wear Foundation - NGO promoting fair 
working conditions/no child labour).
Material: 100% recycled Polyester (Austria).  

Auria (UK)

Brand: Auria, London
Made in: London
Material: New generation recycled fabrics
 made from discarded fishing nets (EU).

Nadadora Swimwear (Spain)

Brand: Nadadora Swimwear, Jaen
Made in: Malaga / Jaen & the region of Maresme (Spain)
Materials: polyamide and polyester (Spain)
Mission: to revive local production

Bantu (South Africa)

Brand: Bantu, Cape Town
Made in: Cape Town
Materials: polyamide/elastane blend (South Africa)
Mission: to support local production

Ambika (USA)

Brand: Ambika Boutique, upstate New York
Handmade by: local artisans working mostly from home (upstate NY) & using natural dyes made from wild harvest plants.
Materials: cotton with 2% elastic, locally produced by small, sustainable solar/wind-powered mills. 


Brand: Faherty, New York
Made in: Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)
Materials: recycled Polyester made from plastic bottles 
and blended with Lycra (Taiwan)

Luz Collections (FR/Argentina)

Brand: Luz Collections, Paris/Buenos Aires
Made in: Peru (fair working conditions)
Material: organic cotton (GOTS-certified)

Medwinds (Spain)

Brand: Medwinds, Barcelona
in collaboration with: DosMares, Barcelona
Materials: Polyamide (Spain)
Mission: to promote small-scale producers 
mainly in Spain and Italy.

splish splash!

All images via brands mentioned above, unless stated otherwise. 


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