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Going back to our roots can provide us with a huge source of inspiration. This is precisely what Yosuzi's founder, who goes by the same name did, together with her mother Irunu. Yosuzi's curiosity for her ancestors, the Aapushana clan, which is part of the native Venezuelan tribe of the Gujaroswas awoken at an early age, thanks to the intriguing stories she was told about her great-grandfather, chief Yajaira and her grandmother Flor Emanuel, the first Miss Venezuela. 

However, it was a picture of that very same grandmother wearing a so-called "Woma" hat, which is handmade according to her tribe's own weaving technique, that got the ball rolling. After traveling to the desert with her mother, to visit her ancestor's tribe, Yosuzi bought 200 hats off the tribe's artisans to show to friends and boutiques around the globe. 

Gujaro artisans & founder Yosuzi with local children

Eventually, Yosuzi was able to create her own brand and empower an otherwise highly impoverished community by providing them with an extra income, training schemes and donations from her sales to a local charity, which supports their children. 

All hats are handmade from locally-grown straw, and carry the Aapushana clan's totem as their logo, a few beautiful pompoms for decoration, and an inside grosgrain ribbon for comfortable wear. 

As you can see from Yosuzi's wearing instruction video, these hats are as sturdy as they're elegant. Find out more about this exciting venture's history, its artisans crafting and the lovely e-shop/list of stockists on the brand's website

All images courtesy of Yosuzi

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