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I've previously mentioned my love for second-hand stores, especially here in the UK, where we have so called ‘charity-shops’ like OxfamTheir main purpose is to raise money for different causes, rather than providing us with cheap goods (although there are many bargains to be found!). They also provide us with a great opportunity to reuse items, rather than simply discarding them on a dumping ground, where they become part of our ever increasing landfills. Most items found in charity shops are preowned and used, but most of them are in good enough condition to be used again.

I'm lucky to have two charity shops nearby, where I try to pop in regularly to see, if I can find another "treasure", which is what we call them at home.

The things you can find are great! Sometimes they need a bit of TLC to make them e.g. operable again, but that's exactly what's so exciting about it all. We all get involved with the restoring procedure(s) if needed, that way it becomes a nice family activity as well. 

Bargains we found for our daughter:
A wicker toddler chair
A wicker dolls' pram
An adorable vintage plush monkey
Along with books and many other items

We've also been given the most beautiful wooden dollhouse that has made its way from a second-hand store in Poland to Holland, and after ten years of use by my niece and nephew, it has eventually arrived safe and sound here in the UK. Hence we are now the proud ‘new’ owners of this adorable dollhouse.

I really like the concept of ‘reducing and reusing’ goods, while at the same time the money spent is donated to charity. Two things in I'm striving to do more of - promise!

So next time when you pass by a charity shop, why not pop in and see if you can find a treasure yourself? You never know… One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

All images by Daniela Bovolenta

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