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Who doesn't like to lounge around on a Saturday, Sunday or any other day in fact? And what's the most important ingredient after a big cup of coffee? Comfy loungewear of course! 

For quite a while I had these amazing vintage-style cotton knickers that I bought at Portobello Market years ago. But as with all good things, they're life eventually came to an end and we had to part, sniff! As I'm in the bad habit of cutting off labels from practically all my clothes, I sadly wasn't able to trace the brand that made those wonderful knickers...

 A few years passed until I recently received an email from a brand called Luva Huva in London, asking whether I'd like to review one of their items. Browsing through their online shop I almost wanted to jump with joy: I discovered the exact same style knickers that I had bought in Portobello ages ago! Was it possible? I checked the profile of founder Joanna Ketterer, who looked very much like the girl I remember talking to at Portobello. After checking with Joanna's marketing assistant, it turns out that she used to have a market stall in Portobello indeed.

Amazed at this incredible coincidence I had a closer look at Luva Huva's online shop, which now included not only a huge variety of underwear, but also loungewear, as well as active, knit and even beachwear - obviously the brand had come a long way since its Portobello days. 

As a loungewear-addict, I eventually chose the lovely charcoal duo you can see above. Handmade in the UK from 60% soy and 40% organic cotton(GOTS & Textile Exchange certified), with lovely lace details on both pieces, plus a little bow on the knickers, this combo is perfect for anyone who wants to lounge around in style.

As expected, the items I chose were just as amazing as those good old Portobello knickers. Both pieces are super comfortable thanks to their generous cut and beautifully soft and slightly elastic fabric. While the chic lace trimming and elegant colour give this combo a kind of understated luxury quality. 

As for sizing, I have to say it's very accurate and the first machine wash (30º) has changed neither size nor quality in any way.
So all things considered, this duo is a total winner and highly recommendable.

Since the sales are officially still on, there are lots of bargains to be found in Luva Huva's online shop, so why not treat yourself to a little something for your late summer holidays or just because?

Happy lounging!

All pictures by Consciously Sartorial.

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