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As autumn is upon us and winter only around the corner it is that time of the year again... swapping the wardrobe over from spring/summer clothes to autumn/winter clothes.

This means trying, fitting and unfitting, with a not so happy Clémence...

Unseemly clothes will be handed down to second hand stores and or re-used in our household for e.g. cleaning cloths, stuffing for cushions etc.

Then I create a list of the items needed for Clémence. This year we are in need of a pair of boots, trainers, some knits and plenty of tights and socks!

I usually surf on the internet and start my search with my favorite online kids clothes shops, such as Mama Owl, Mini Rodini and Gray Label.

Here are a few boards I've put together for this year's sustainable A/W 2015 kids' collection - enjoy!


1. Dress Stella McCartney Kids / 2. Tent Holi Moli, NL / 3. Trainers Mini Rodini, Sweden / 4. Nudie Jeans, Sweden / 
5. Teething toy Katty Market, Ukraine 

1. Baby sweater Mama Owl, UK / 2. Cardigan Macarons, Germany / 3. Sweater Babaa, Spain / 4. Playsuit Misha & Puff, US / 
5. Felt rings Knitty Vet, US

1. Pyjama set Imps & Elfs, NL / 2. Sweat Shirt Serendipity Organics, NL / 
3. Romper Mini Rodini, Sweden / 4. Coat Mini Rodini, Sweden 
5. Jumpsuit Gray Label, NL

1. Leggings Mingo Kids, Denmark / 2. Baby winter boots Mini Rodini, Sweden / 3. Panda combo Popupshop, Denmark / 4. Penguin Leggings Diapers & Milk, France/Portugal / 5. Trainers Veja, France/Brasil 

1. Bonnet Mama Owl, UK / 2. Mittens Disana, Germany / 
3. Scarf Misha & Puff, US  / 4. Socks Gray Label, NL / 
5. Shoes Easy Peasy, France 

All images via brands mentioned.

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