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Welcome to our AW15 Edit and our sincere apologies for not releasing one earlier, unfortunately things have been a little hectic here lately... but here it goes: grouped into themes and with countries of origin/company bases indicated. As usual we have included brands that are either sustainable in terms of their social and/or environmental policies, created locally, according to zero-waste designs, are vegan and most of all from small to mid-sized companies, which we feel we ought to support, especially given the current climate of big scale expansion within the fast fashion industry. So let's keep it small, slow and special!

Golden Brown

1. Dress Farrah Floyd (Germany) / 2. Sunglasses Termite Eyewear (UK) / 3. Sweater Beaumont Organic (UK) / 4. Trainers Veja (Brazil/France) / 5. Pencil Skirt 4 All Humanity via Modavanti (Peru/US) / 6. Backpack Pendular Pocket (Spain).

Dark Flower

1.Bags Antonello via Accompany (IT/US) / 2. Skirt People Tree (UK/India) - *get a 10% reader discount online entering our code: SART10 as long as item is not discounted otherwise / 3. Shoes Naguisa (Spain) / 4. Blouse Lanius (Austria/China) / 5. Earrings Ethical Collection (UK/Ethiopia).

Black and Pastels

1. Dress Faircloth & Supply (US) / 2. Necklace Eaburns (UK) via 69 b Boutique, London / 3. Bomber jacket Wintervacht (NL) / 4. Sweater Riyka (UK) Trousers / 5. People Tree (10% off with our discount code SART 10*) / 6. Pendant Dana Bronfman (US).


1. Shoes Sydeny Brown (US) via Bon Sens (UK) / 2. Necklace Abareness (Norway/Nepal) / 3. Coat Lanius (Turkey/China) / 4. Cape Ethical Collection (Peru/UK) / 5. Backpack ECOALF (Spain) / 6. Faux-fur hat Myrrhia Fine Knitwear (US).

Pale but Red

1. Faux-fur scarf Behno (US/India) / 2. Earrings Joanna Cave (UK) via 69b Boutique, London / 3. Coat Salt and Co. (UK) / 4. Top Pilar Ullod via Ziquen (Spain) / 5. Bag Hare (Argentina/US) + Hart via Bon Sens (UK) / 6. Belt Ilundi via Tent Marketplace (both South Africa).

All images via brands mentioned.

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