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As we are well into the last-minute Christmas rush by now, I thought of introducing you all to a low-tech toy and one of the oldest ones known, the 'spinning top'. They can engage the whole family for some enduring Christmas fun and of course for many years to come.

The designer behind these five cute evergreen tree tops is Karl Zahn. A rearing theme is his designs is 'old technology', Zahn believes that the pace of progressing technology is too quickly to fully exhaust all possibilities and is interested in preserving 'forgotten technologies'.

These spinning tree tops come in a pack of 5 presented in a cotton drawstring pouch, to keep them all together when not in use. They are made from evergreen trees, making them a environmentally conscious toy and can be bought from different shops, both off and online.

Clémence has turned 4 years old now and she absolute loves these spinning tops, we are having fun to try to spin them all at once and see which one will collapse first!

May I take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may our pursuit to happiness for the year 2016 be a greener one!


All images by Daniela Bovolenta.

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