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"Ivories, like piano keys, ivory or something precious and unique, but also like the ‘ I now’, 
is the tale of a modern and transverse identity, of a wardrobe that is not tied to seasons because it is out of the time. A totally Italian skill and talent to conceive fashion."

More than ever, conscious brands are trying to capture the hearts of modern women in search of a timeless wardrobe. With so many criteria to fulfil, this clearly isn't an easy venture. Italian brand Ivories is one of those brands who have done so beautifully. With a keen eye for detail, and a strong commitment to quality, Ivories brings together the best of values one can expect from a line made 100% in Italy. The brands designs are no ode to minimalism, quite the opposite, the bold elegance of its pieces, which can be layered easily, are true show-stoppers for the modern women with style.

All images via Ivories.it

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