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Gain Knowledge. Take Action. Earn Respect.

Is the moto of father and son team Jørgen and Mads Mørup behind sustainable menswear label Knowledge Cotton Apparel from Denmark. Jørgen Mørup and his father, with whom he opened a small textile factory back in 1969, took sustainability very seriously from the start, and began using organic cotton by 
the late 80s. 

Jorgen eventually decided to launch what is now known as the Knowledge Cotton Apparel with son Mads in 2008. The company has expanded its use of sustainable materials for this latest venture, with the addition of materials such as organic wool and linen, and polyester from recycled PET bottles. 

Furthermore, the brand's fabrics are treated with non-harmful dyes in modern factories, which follow water-saving processes and adhere to responsible waste water treatment.
The result of this is a beautiful classic colour palette that is perfectly in line with the
unfussy, yet casually elegant style of each design.

But not only that, Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a brand that takes environmental protection a step further, by educating its customers about the fashion industries' impact and the advantages of sustainable wardrobe choices. Their easily understandable online "Academy Book", with an introduction by Jørgen Mørup, guides you through all the aforementioned issues, as well as information on Knowledgeable Cotton Apparel's certificates (Textile Exchange/OE100 and GOTS).

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