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The timeless attire of sailors has never lost its appeal and probably never will. It's not only for its timelessness, but also the fact that it's a style that simply works for all ages.

Andre Bastos Teixeira and José Miguel de Abreu from Portuguese menswear label La Paz are the best proof of this. Inspired by the Atlantic sea, old tales and their grandfathers' wardrobe, the two create highly sophisticated apparel for the modern marinero. 

Whether their wearer in question works at sea or in an office, is 25 or 75, he definitely won't feel out of place in a La Paz piece, as their charismatic model of choice suggests.

Thanks to a careful combination of classic, quality fabrics, the occasional subtle quirk, and simplistic silhouettes, La Paz is of a humble elegance which makes it simply endearing.


All images via lapaz.pt.

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