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Fashion is all about how fast trends can change, how quickly can you get into a new outfit, and craft is all about something that existed for hundreds, probably thousands of years. In some way fashion is the biggest enemy of craft, but at the same time fashion is the only hope for craft, if craft has to survive.
Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra's exquisite creations join craft to fashion in a way that reminds of the skillful work often only reserved to couture houses.

The Indian designer harbours a deep admiration for his country's artisans, which is evident from Indelust's video portrayal below.

Aside from his luxurious occasionwear, he also manages to introduce beautifully whimsical artisan elements into his wearers everyday wardrobe. His landscape and bird sweaters are a great example of this: designed and handembroidered with wool in India, each piece also includes elegant paneling, creating either a playful or magical quality.

Learn more about Rahul Mishra's collection and its social impact on Indelust.

All images via indelust.com.

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