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If you want to touch people you have to touch their memories, that's the only place where garments can become emotional.

Half Moroccan, half Israeli, designer Artsi Ifrach's creations are a rare mix of memories that belong to members of different cultures and religions. In a way, his work is an embodiment of multiculturalism and couldn't be more relevant in these turbulent times. 

His latest work titled "Insha' allah" (God's will) is a sharp reminder of the Syrian refugee crisis - "We are hearing and seeing the problem but we are not dealing with the people behind it" - he explains through his series of faceless portraits. 

Hiding his subjects faces is a recurring theme in the Artsi's work, which is also very much present in some of his earlier work such as "Borderless" or "Once upon a time".

As Artsi explains in the following video, people and houses in Marrakech often seem unassuming, but once you open doors, you will find entire new worlds behind them. 

His studio in the historic Medina district of Marrakech is definitely one of them. A family property for over two centuries it is naturally full of history and memories.

Artsi's fascination with cultures and religions is infectious and provides his audience with a much needed oasis of beauty in the mist of cultural clashes all over the world. 

The same goes for his approach to garment making, working with vintage fabrics and collaborating with local artisans, every piece has its own history and character and is very much a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind affair.

Whether it's a girly floral dresses made from a bedcover, found in the studio when Artsi first arrived, or a mask from a trip to another country, it somehow all fits together.

We particularly like the series "Looking for you // work" which you can see below, for its simplistic, yet thought provoking aesthetic.

Find more of Artsi's work on his website ARTC.

All images via ARTC's website or Instagram.

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