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What better way to update your wardrobe than treating yourself to some nice statement jewellery? We'd definitely recommend Lily Piyathaisere's eye-catching jewellery line Gamma Folk here. Both bold and soothing, thanks to its harmonious colour palette and use of natural materials, this label perfectly captures the current comeback of artisan craft.

Each piece in the Gamma Folk line reflects the spirit of the past and present in its blend of organic materials and modern aesthetics.

Lily creates all her limited edition collections in her own studio in Beacon (NY), applying a range of traditional, handmade techniques, some of which she taught herself after graduating from college. 

Apart from weaving and braiding, Lily also uses sustainably made dyes, and incorporates ceramics, a defining element of her jewellery and accessories line. 

Marvel at the complete Gamma Folk collection on gammafolk.com.

All images via Gamma Folk.

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