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Someone somewhere must have heard my prayers: Katharine Hamnett is back with a neat mens/womenswear collab with equally characterful London label You Must Create aka YMC

Her famous slogan Tees made from organic cotton, are also very much part of this latest venture, reminding us to "STOP AND THINK, "SAVE THE FUTURE" and "YOU MUST CREATE" of course.

These stylish reminders are contrasted by a range of comfy looking pieces, made from    carefully chosen fabrics, such as organic silk habotai. There's the structured unisex blouse above, a utilitarian jumpsuit in a cheeky orange for the ladies, or a mysteriously dark green dress that is both playful and elegant, to mention a few examples.

In a nutshell: a clever mix for your everyday needs, be it the morning school run, lengthy work meetings or a dinner date - it's all there in easy to combine colours and the Made in Italy seal guaranteeing great quality too.

All images via youmustcreate.com

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