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For those of you who live outside the UK, you might not have heard of Caroline Jones and her challenge "Knickers Model's Own". This pledge had Caroline wear a different outfit every day, which she created entirely from the stock of her local Cancer Research UK shop. 

Having lost her mother Mary two years ago to cancer, Caroline took her place as a volunteer at that very same shop, where Mary had worked for thirteen years. 

On New Year's Eve 2014, Caroline came up with the idea for her challenge and managed to raise £57,000 for the organisation, largely thanks to her popular Facebook account, where she shared daily snaps of her brilliant looks.

But it wasn't just Caroline's original idea that won her a lot of fans, but also her incredible retro-styling skills! Contrary to most daughters, shopping with her mother meant much treasured quality time together, since Mary greatly encouraged her daughter's wardrobe experiments. Hence creating a campaign that revolved around clothes was a natural choice and a daily reminder of those shopping trips together.

Luckily for Caroline's fans, her book "Knickers Model's Own" can now be preordered for its launch on May 25 from Cancer Research UK's official online shop. 100% of its profit will go to the organisation's research projects. 

Have a quick peek below at some of Caroline's genius styling and get inspired!

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