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If the weather hasn't made its mind up between winter and spring where you live, then you might still be able to make some use of Danish uypcycling brand Pelechecoco's gorgeous leather goodies!

Whether you're looking for a cool biker jacket with a nicely worn-in feel or a cute suede mini-skirt a la Alexa Chung, it's all there and in a variety of great colours.

 As Pelechecoco explains on their website, their aim is to make the most of what's already around and create something unique that won't break the bank.

While a the making of an average leather jacket would involve over 30,000 litres of water and a minimum of 10 different chemicals, Pelechecoco uses about 1 litre of water and no additional chemicals in its production - and of course, no more animals are being hurt! 

All the more reason to take a look at their fab online shop...

All images via pelechecoco.com.

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