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Swiss upcycling brand FREITAG, famous for its tarpaulin bags and lately also its compostable F-ABRIC line, has just released a new collection called F-ABRIC bags.

As part of the F-ABRIC line, the E001 KOTKIN and E002 WEISZ are also made from pesticide-free flax grown in the Normandy and woven in fair working conditions just 2,500 km away from FREITAG's headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland.  

These smart minimalist bags are certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and come with up cycled tarpaulin straps, a reminder of the company's origins, and a so-called "F-button" and label, which you can take off before the bags will eventually make it onto your compost heap.

The F-ABRIC bags are available from selected stores and online

All images by Oliver Nanzig / courtesy of freitag.ch.

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