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With so much debate around gender roles, we are intrigued by Art of Brother's Karabo Makenna and Cobus Engelbrecht's upcoming exhibition "Country for Old Men", which opened today at the Worldart Gallery in Cape Town.

Through their preferred medium of storytelling and personal experience, the two artists explore the subject of masculinity, past and present, in their native South Africa.

What does it mean to be a man today? This exhibition is the act of us searching for the meeting point between the experiences of our forefathers and the present – how they live through us, and how we will live through others in the future.

We love the slightly ghostly quality of the exhibition's images we've seen so far, as well as Makenna and Engelbrecht's reflections on their work in the following interview: 

via YouTube

Country for Old Men will be open from June 2 - 30 2016.

Images via Art of Brother.

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