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If there's one place I'd have loved to be last month, it was definitely Oroboro's store in Brooklyn, where hat maker extraordinaire Reinhard Plank customised some of his creations.

Plank who frequently collaborates with prestigious retailers in search for all things avant-guard such as Barneys, also counts Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt to his fanbase, and has acquired quite a following in fashion-forward Japan.

Contrary to many of his peers, the South-Tyrolean designer, who also creates shoes, steers clear from the hustle and bustle of modern-day city life, and instead prefers to work from his countryside studio outside Florence, Tuscany.

It's therefore not surprising that the these natural surroundings have also influenced his sought-after hats, which often are of a hobbit-like sophistication. 

Being Austrian, wearing hats is clearly part of Planks DNA and so he doesn't shy away from handcrafting some pretty unique and bold designs to accentuate their wearers personal style.

Experimentation with different artisan techniques, as well as materials, also plays a huge role in the making of these unusual hats. Seeing the designer in action is therefore quite a spectacle, and he takes great care in ensuring that each piece fits its new owner to perfection.

In these fast-paced times where the wheel of fashion seems to be at the point of spiraling out of control, there's a lot of beauty in seeing such a calm and thoughtful approach to creating fashion.

Reinhard Plank's hats are available both on and offline from a pretty vast number of retailers around the world.

Images via 8tracks.com (top), @reinhardplank (black/white) 
shop-generalstore.com (last 5).

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