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Time to get your sandals on, even if you happen to live in a colder region like us!

LA label TAKA's vegetable-tanned leather sandals might be a great place to start.
Each pair is all handmade by a former Bally leather master crafter in the US. The leather used for the woven top and curved sole of TAKA's sandals is ethically sourced and features a brass buckle. 

We love the rustic sophistication of these comfortably-looking sandals, as well as founder Kerry Clarkson-Valdivia's holistic approach to business, which she outlines in her poetic blog posts:

My feelings are that for business to be an art, it would have to promote living as an art. Which means not only offering product with soul, integral to this lifestyle, but also as a model that creates space around it, and in that space time for other aspects of living.

from Kerry Clarkson-Valdivia "Wabi-Sabi as a Business"

All images via takamadebyhand.com.

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