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This Friday we're back with our favourite online news stories and articles of interest that we've found along this week. 

With World Oceans Day having been celebrated last Wednesday, there's of course been a big focus on the state of our seas and how we can protect them. Parely of the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch's take on how the fashion industry can do their bit can be read on Dezeen.

Fashion design graduate shows have also made headlines and i-D has caught with some of them at CSM to hear about their hopes for the future of their industry. 

There have also been various brands, retail concepts and initiatives that have caught our attention, such as Jason Markk's sneaker repair shop in NYC.

So before we go on and spoil it all, here are our picks. As always please feel free to share whatever article we might have missed and have a great weekend!

Your Consciously Sartorial Team

Weekly Digest

Nasa to Map Coral Reefs from the Air to Show Impact of Climate Change 

Turns Out Dying Coral Reefs Smell Even 
Worse Than They Look 
Plastic is a design failure says Parley 
for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch

Most Big Users Failing on Cotton Sustainability 

Latvian Designer Invented Pine-Wool to Be 
Used in Textiles and Paper

Bruno Pieters Sets Antwerp Exhibit on Sustainability 
Levi’s Launches “Collaboratory” to Boost 
Innovation in Sustainable Fashion 


Sustainable Fashion Brands Barcelona 2016

Slower Guide, Spain - Directory of Sustainable Fashion Brands
 10 Fashion Students Tell Us About Their Hopes for the Future of the Fashion Industry

Pharrell opens NYC flagship G-Star RAW 
store with BMX ride

Attention: Creator at Work 
Universal Utility
Eco Fashion Talk

Bunosilo: Slow Fashion Made-To-Order, 
Made For You 

Pride 2016 Style 
Dirty Sneakers? One Expert Offers a Solution 

Ian Berry's Repurposed Denim Portraits 

Villa Noailles Fashion & Photography 
Workshops for Children 

Is "No Hair Color" The New "No Makeup?" 

This Gym Is Covering Its Mirrors On Mondays In The Name Of Body Positivity 

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