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It's fair to say that this week has been pretty traumatic with the news of the Orlando massacre going around the world. Both shocked and saddened by the loss of these innocent people's lives and the grief caused to their families, friends and communities therefore, we have been following all the amazing tributes that have been made to them. One that particularly moved us was Lady Gaga's speech in LA, which we have included in this week's news digest of course

There has also been a lot to read and watch in terms of ethical fashion this week, with World Child Labour Day on June 12, the release of Asian Floor Wage's "Living Wage Now!" documentary being amongst them.

Furthermore, with summer still approaching slowly (at least where we are), there seems to have been a strong focus on body image as well. Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez launched a petition to encourage fashion magazines to show women in a more positive light, while London's new Mayor, Sadiq Khan is now banning ads that promote negative body image.

We hope this week's round-up will help you catch up with the latest news in and around conscious fashion and wish you all a great weekend!

Your Consciously Sartorial Team

Weekly Digest

168 million child workers: we must work with communities to stop exploitation

Living Wage Now!

Despite the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, 
there's a lot you don't know about that T-Shirt

What your jeans would cost if 
no on died to make them

How to Engage with Ethical Fashion 

PACT Launches Organic, 
Fair-Trade Apparel Line 
at Target Stores
AGB - A Green Beauty
Sustainable & Ethical Culture 
Magazine Issue 7

Sunglasses Made From 
Recycled Jeans

AwaytoMars is a Crowdfunding Platform That Lets Anyone Play Fashion Designer

Fashion Editorials 2016 

Sadiq Khan, New London Mayor, 
Bans Ads Promoting Unhealthy Body Image
New Gender-Neutral Uniform Policy Gives U.K. Students A Choice Between Pants & Skirts

Lady Gaga's Speech at LA Rally
 and Vigil for Orlando

Graduation Fashion Week 25 Years Later: 
Why It's Still Relevant

Stella Confirms Menswear Label

Chinese Start-up Origins 
works to purify the air

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